Hey gang! I wanted to express my thanks for all of you who have followed the progress from writing/revising/contract/galleys/… and now Publication of IMAGO. Now that the book is at retailers everywhere, I wanted to mention a few helpful things you can do to share the exciting news.

First, get your own copy of the novel and share your experience on social media.

Secondly, when you do read it, be share to post a review on Amazon and Goodreads, etc… The review (something simple like: great read/ and click on stars) really helps sales because all websites use an algorithm that elevates the most reviewed books with other highly reviewed books.

Thirdly, start a reading group with friends. I would love to come and talk to you about the novel, and we can tip a glass, share some food and have a great time with your friends.

Fourthly, talk to your local high school, university, library, bookstore, and have the administrators/owners invite me to your city for a reading or Q&A or presentation, or all of the above. I am now in the process of booking events for the new year.

Bottom line, the more you can get involved passing the word around the country via social media and word of mouth, the more you help promote the book.

Thank you so much for participating in this process, and make sure you email me to get on my mailing list.

I’ll look forward to reading your posts about IMAGO!

Keep reading and writing!

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