Upcoming Fiction and Essays

Well, as many of you Facebook Friends know, I have two new books coming out in 2017. First, my creative nonfiction essays entitled Seeds: Meditations on Grace in a World with Teeth is to be publsihed by CrossLink Publishing sometime in July/August. Second, the novel you have been reading on my blog Blood Roots (a reimagining of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde meets Beauty and the Beast) has been contracted by Solstice Publishing, and is to be released late 2017 (December) or early 2018 (January).

I am in the process of organizing each project as I work with the editors, cover designers, marketing, etc…. And I am going to post various things that happen during the process so to inform those who don’t know about the process and want to understand it better. Right now, I am working with editors in both houses to revise and complete our final manuscripts. Once that happens, then the cover and formatting, etc… will begin. It’s always an interesting experience to re-read a manuscript but now with the eyes of a reader picking it up at a bookstore…. complex and helpful.

In the months to come I will post the covers to the books, and tell you more about my travel plans and what cities I will be in and when. As always, your help in buying, promoting, talking about the books is always so helpful. But for right now, enjoy the chapters for Blood Roots posted here, and until next time….


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