A Great Summer Read!

Derek Wade’s Murder in Marin County is now available everywhere. See my review in the last post. Here is the link:


Robert Crais Meets John Steinbeck: Derek Wade’s Murder in Marin County

Jack Brubaker, Private Investigator, finds himself in big trouble when he wakes up in a woods next to a decomposing body. And this is only the beginning of the funhouse as this complicated and well-plotted who-done-itunfolds. Derek Wade’s debut novel Murder in Marin Countyis a collision of Robert Crais meets John Steinbeck. This is no hyperbole either. The novel is filled with standard (albeit mostly unpredictable) detective tropes (the hardened police detective antagonist, the first person ironic narrator, gun fights and lots of misdirection); it’s all there in typical genre style. But that is only half of this novel. It’s the other half that makes Mr. Wade’s first novel so memorable. Almost immediately we are immersed in the beautiful, enigmatic Sausalito setting filled with quirky characters and small town marina life. This is where Mr. Wade excels. He is writing in the new Literary Genre style with comfortable, typical detective novel tropes but combining these with more literary techniques. Brubaker is psychologically complex and multi-layered – a gentler, kinder Sam Spade who knows his way around a sailboat as well as the dark alleys of drug dealers. His sidekick, the eccentric, ex-military Dolliver, is good with guns, but is a character pulled right out of Steinbeck’s Sweet Thursdayor Tortilla Flat. The setting, like the ocean that demands so much attention, is a character in itself. The author tells us he is a sailor, a world traveler, and Brubaker is one as well. Here’s where the novel really finds its footing. The sailing scenes, the marina and coastal life, the metaphors of water and land and finding ones place between – this is what makes for such satisfying reading. Murder in Marin Countywill satiate your detective novel fix, but will give you what all great stories do: an immersive experience with plot, characters, and setting that stays with you far longer than the last page. I’m looking forward to reading much more from Mr. Wade.

Here is the link:

First Concept Cover Art for IMAGO

Hey all! I’ve been busy editing and revising my SCIFI novel IMAGO for the editorial deadline by mid March. BUT…

As promised… I am working with the nationally known concept artist David Sladek (see previous posts for his link), and he has just sent me concept art for our beginning dialogue as we move closer to the final cover. I think this is an excellent insight into how multiple artists, editors, marketers, etc… help in the producing of this object called IMAGO. Each concepts is doing something a little different, and I am excited to talk to him about each one, the pros and cons and the best overall cover that will make the biggest first impression. Oh yeh, the butterfly and the saying is important…. STAY TUNED….

IMAGO book cover sketches

Cover Artist for IMAGO

Hello, all.

As promised, I will be documenting IMAGO‘s publishing process. In the last post I told you about the general process and that the novel had been given a publication date by the editor. Well, in today’s post, let’s talk about the cover of the book.

First, any traditional publishing house will take care of your cover art and back copy for you as the process unfolds. Rogue is no different in this. Most contracts explain that the author has input on the design, but the publisher has final say. I have always wanted to work with David Sladek, and Rogue was gracious enough to allow me to use him as cover artist.  David is a world class artist and lead concept artist for a national gaming company based in CA. You can check out his work at the following link:


I cannot wait to share the cover of IMAGO with you as we move forward. Remember, it’s a long process from contract to publication date. The cover art will be ready sometime in April. Until next week.


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